Home Energy Assessment (HEA)

Double Blower Door at Smith College.

A comprehensive home energy assessment identifies the root causes responsible for compromising your home’s overall performance. We focus on the interrelated issues such as energy waste, comfort challenges and health and safety risks that all can detract from your quality of living. The outcome is an Energy Smart Plan that prioritizes the most effective solutions for improving your comfort and the home’s energy performance . We follow a house-as-a-system protocol established by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) and Home Performance with Energy Star in both the assessment and remediation of your home.


1) The assessment consists of:

  • Infrared scan of all exterior wall surfaces to determine thermal boundary performance, specifically the integrity of the insulation and air barrier controls.
  • Blower Door Air-tightness testing to determine envelope leakage rate, air barrier penetrations and zonal pressure imbalances.
  • Combustion appliances diagnostics: health and safety testing, CO monitoring, combustion back-drafting, gas leakage and efficiency testing of heat plant and domestic hot water.
  • Home ventilation and indoor air quality evaluation.
  • Building durability issues relating to moisture, ice damming, structural rot and other barriers.
  • An extensive investigation of all accessible spaces: attic flats, knee-walls, crawlspaces, basements, etc.

2) Upon completion we review with you our findings and then generate a report that:

  • provides detailed analysis of performance issues.
  • supporting infrared images and digital documentation of problems.
  • prioritized recommendations for remediation home compromises.
  • the beginnings of an Energy Smart Plan.
  • identification of utility and Federal rebates and incentives.

3) After a follow up review of the home performance report a work proposal is generated. It details the prioritized home performance improvement measures with cost estimates. As an Energy Smart Plan, the proposal can become a phased work-scope to meet your time frames and budget needs, as well as to support your future goals for quality of living home performance investments.

4) Sign contract, Schedule work and install home performance solutions and live in a more comfortable, healthy and safe, and energy efficient home.

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How the Process Works

  • February, 2008

    To whom it may concern: February, 2008 Mark Lantz did a very thorough energy audit inspection of my home for ways to conserve energy. The result was a detailed analysis of our house with an explanation of the dynamics of