Services: Home Energy Assessments to Building Envelope Construction: new and retrofit

Cozy Home offers comprehensive home performance assessments, a complete array of building diagnostics and testing to construction services for envelope thermal boundary, new and retrofit. Our methods are based on a integrated systems approach that follow the established principals of building science and energy performance standards. We believe that improved comfort,  healthy indoor air quality, and building durability are as important as energy savings. We ensure that our client’s homes and buildings are durable, safe, healthy, comfortable and energy efficient. Guaranteed.

Cozy Home offers a selection of services to suit your specific needs that will add immediate value to your project, while securing long term energy performance goals.

Home Performance Services:

  • Home Energy Assessment – comprehensive and integrated ‘house as a system’ inspection using full array of diagnostic testing (blower door, infrared scanning) to assess health, comfort and energy savings that is captured in a full report.
  • Mass Save Energy Audits – Entry into Mass Save program along with full home assessment that determines eligible measures for utility incentives and financing for improved home performance
  • Consultation and Building Evaluation – Focused review and inspection of a specific building performance issue that is captured in findings report.

Building Contracting Services:

Cozy Home Performance provides a full array of integrated building diagnostic testing services, construction of high performance building envelope (insulation and air barrier controls), as well as other energy efficiency measures. Our expertise will support your goals for a building that has maximum comfort, health, safety and energy efficiency. Guaranteed. With more robust energy codes, both stretch code and IECC 2012, building diagnostic testing is an essential practice to verify actual, as-built performance in residential and commercial applications; new construction and retrofit.

Building Diagnostics and Inspections

  • Infrared Thermography (IR Scanning) of building envelope: determine air leakage, water damage, insulation flaws
  • Building Airtightness testing with Blower door: determine CFM50, ACH50, natural air changes per hour, leakage pathways
  • HVAC duct blaster airtight testing, system flow rates and zone balancing
  • Combustion Backdrafting Safety testing: the tighter the home the greater the risk for flue gas spillage
  • Bath fan exhaust flow rates and house ventilation requirements
  • HERS Rating Support: Design and performance inspection of thermal envelope

New Construction and Energy Retrofits

  • Design/install of high performance thermal boundary
  • Targeted envelope air barrier controls and air sealing
  • Ventilation improvements and moisture controls
  • New construction or renovation and issue specific remediation

Project Consulting

  • Architects and General Contractors
  • Thermal boundary design / review / installation
  • Code verification diagnostic testing
  • HERS Rating
  • Building Diagnostic Performance Testing: air barrier controls, insulation continuity, ventilation flow rates
  • Testimonial: Easthampton, MA

    Easthampton, MA 06/12/2012 $3,260.00 Incentive Awarded Work-scope: Repair of thermal boundary – attic flat, gambrel knee-walls, basement sill band, ventilation.“I’ve been extremely pleased and impressed with the professionalism of your crew and I don’t anticipate any problems upon their completion.