Current Projects

  • Cozy in Blustery Goshen!

    Goshen, MA 12/03/12 $2,900 Project Incentive National Grid/Mass Save …” The house definitely feels different – hard to explain the feeling, maybe more solid?  Anyway, we have checked out all the work areas that we could and are really impressed. 

  • Testimonial: Shelburne Falls, MA

    Shelburne Falls, MA Project Completion: 04/16/2011 $2,700.00 Incentive Awarded And a Year Later…. The Results! 06/14/2012 “Hi Mark – I’ve been meaning to write to say thanks for all the great work over here.  We would have considered it a

  • Clark Hall Project, Smith College

    We are happy to announce that Cozy Home Performance has been awarded the Clark Hall Thermal Envelope Improvement Project. The work-scope includes: dense pack cellulose in exterior walls, repositioning of thermal boundary from attic flat into the roof rafters and

  • Fradet Attic. custom hatch and storage platform

    As the first phase of a comprehensive retrofit, the attic was insulated with R-60. A custom super insulated storage platform was constructed as well as a custom airtight hatch . This project was done as part of a WMECO Mass Save pilot program so parts of it qualified for Mass Save rebates and the Heat Loan (0% financing)

  • Ettleman – WAP job in Shutesbury

    A lucky young family gets the Cozy Home treatment through the Weatherization Assistance Program. spray foam seals a connection no more leaky soffits for chute vents to work properly, they need to be carefully installed custom hatch, airtight a sea

  • Testimonial: Easthampton, MA

    Easthampton, MA 06/12/2012 $3,260.00 Incentive Awarded Work-scope: Repair of thermal boundary – attic flat, gambrel knee-walls, basement sill band, ventilation.“I’ve been extremely pleased and impressed with the professionalism of your crew and I don’t anticipate any problems upon their completion.