Current Projects

  • Cozy in Blustery Goshen!

    Goshen, MA 12/03/12 $2,900 Project Incentive National Grid/Mass Save …” The house definitely feels different – hard to explain the feeling, maybe more solid?  Anyway, we have checked out all the work areas that we could and are really impressed. 

  • Testimonial: Shelburne Falls, MA

    Shelburne Falls, MA Project Completion: 04/16/2011 $2,700.00 Incentive Awarded And a Year Later…. The Results! 06/14/2012 “Hi Mark – I’ve been meaning to write to say thanks for all the great work over here.  We would have considered it a

  • Clark Hall Project, Smith College

    We are happy to announce that Cozy Home Performance has been awarded the Clark Hall Thermal Envelope Improvement Project. The work-scope includes: dense pack cellulose in exterior walls, repositioning of thermal boundary from attic flat into the roof rafters and

  • Fradet Attic. custom hatch and storage platform

    As the first phase of a comprehensive retrofit, the attic was insulated with R-60. A custom super insulated storage platform was constructed as well as a custom airtight hatch . This project was done as part of a WMECO Mass Save pilot program so parts of it qualified for Mass Save rebates and the Heat Loan (0% financing)

  • Ettleman – WAP job in Shutesbury

    A lucky young family gets the Cozy Home treatment through the Weatherization Assistance Program. spray foam seals a connection no more leaky soffits for chute vents to work properly, they need to be carefully installed custom hatch, airtight a sea

  • Just in: two client testimonials

    Cozy Home Performance services go beyond ‘energy savings’. Customer satisfaction and tangible benefits of the home are the cornerstone of our value. We make your home more comfortable, healthier, and more durable. See our most recent testimonial here..