Cozy Home awarded Memorial Hall energy retrofit project!

 Great News! As the result of a grant, the city of Northampton, MA awarded the ‘Insulation and Air Sealing Work at Memorial Hall’ to Cozy Home Performance, LLC of Easthampton, MA. The work-scope includes comprehensive remediation of thermal boundary in front and rear attic spaces and extensive targeted air sealing and enclosure of open chase-ways. The project is complex due to the historic framing details, as well as delicate due the fresco painted vaulted ceiling below the grand staircase. Cozy Home will assist with the energy conservation rebates from Columbia Gas. Job completion is scheduled for December, 2012.

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  • Testimonial: Easthampton, MA

    Easthampton, MA 06/12/2012 $3,260.00 Incentive Awarded Work-scope: Repair of thermal boundary – attic flat, gambrel knee-walls, basement sill band, ventilation.“I’ve been extremely pleased and impressed with the professionalism of your crew and I don’t anticipate any problems upon their completion.